2010 - Week 1 Cooking

It's a new year!

I've got a few cookbooks to go through before they make it into the rotation (I bought Ad Hoc at Home for myself and my mother in law (thanks!) got me: Good Eats: The Early Years)

I also have at least one that I've about 70% through that hasn't made it into the list'd better get through the others faster I suppose.

We have talked about things that we may want to try in the new year as far as cooking goes. Buying products that are more local and what not. Our friends are members of a farmer's Co-Op, and while I have bought from them at the farmer's market, I don't know if I could use all the produce I would get from them on a regular basis, so I would feel wasteful. I have been thinking about becoming a member of the Iowa Food Cooperative which allows me to pick and choose what I want from a list of what I want and get it once a month or so (I think). The problem with that is that we don't particularly have the space, so we would have to invest in a freezer of some sort to stick in the basement. We are still talking about this, especially since it involves the purchase of a freezer.

I have also thought more about portion sizes. A lot of the meals that I make are for 6 or 8 or some other amount of people and because of this it may be the only thing that I make. When you spend 2 hours making a meal a course for a weeknight, do I really want to spend another 15-30 minutes making sides to go with it? Well this year I will try to do that more. This past week I've done well enough. I guess we'll see how we go. Try to get more green things into our life and think more about serving sizes when I dish out the food.