2010 - Week 7 Cooking Results

Chopped Egg And Avocado Sandwich (showed up in my NPR food RSS feed)

This was quite fantastic. Basically you replace most of the mayo with avocado. Such a simple change up, yet so good.

Sicilian Corkscrews with White Beans (heard them talking about this on a repeat of her show a week or so ago)

Simple. Delicious.

Asian Beef and Noodle Soup (RC Cook's Country February/March 2010)

After giving one of my co-workers a little crap for having ramen for lunch, I picked this meal, which used the noodles (not the nasty packet) from ramen. It was pretty good and quick to make.

Chicken Pomodoro (RC Cook's Country February/March 2010)

This worked pretty well, after realizing that I needed to put it on something, I used some of the farro that I had left from the last time that I made it. It turned out pretty well.

Avocado Soup With Tortilla Crisps And Fresh Cheese (NPR RSS feed)

I was not as big of a fan of this...and the directions were a bit lacking. But the ratio of avocado to chicken stock, wasn't right, at least the way I made it, because while it had the color and a bit of heat from the jalapeno, most of the taste was from the chicken stock.

Savory Farro Tart (Proctor was kind enough to buy me some farro from Costco (2 lbs for ~$9), instead of what I had bought before (1/2 lb for ~$9)

So this turned out well...Lets see...cheese, cheese, butter, eggs, garlic and some spices...Made for a relatively quick preparation.