2010 - Week 17 Cooking

Yeah that's right, I get to buy a waffle iron. Woo!

The chives that are planted in my side yard are starting to blossom. One of my favorite things ever is chive blossoms. Last year Lois of Reichert's Dairy made a chive blossom feta, which was absolutely fantastic. So this year I'm keeping an eye on them to use them right up. Right now I've got a few that art starting to blossom and a ton more buds of chives. I'm thrilled.

This coming Saturday is the first farmer's market of the season. I'm thrilled, just thrilled to be able to go down tot he market. Have I mentioned that I've been dreaming of Reichert's Dairy's goat cheese? I'm craving it. Even though this early in the season, the pickings may be a bit small, I'm just happy to being going back down there again.

Time to clean out the freezer! The lamb, tuna, and ribs are all in the fridge now, from the freezer. I also pulled out some bacon that I saw, bought, and haven't tried yet. For the burgers, I suppose...