2010 - Week 17 Cooking Results

Ground Lamb Burgers

Now this is something I just kind of wished that I had some of Lois' (form Reichert's Dairy) feta to put on top of the burgers...

I still ended up using some standard feta from the store on top of these and it still turned out pretty well. I put some smoked paprika in the burgers and it gave it a nice taste.

Buttermilk Waffles (p25 May and June 2010 Cook's Illustrated)

My dad and baby brother were on their way back from picking up my baby brother from college so I made these for them. They turned out very well. The problem that I had with the recipe list is that I had to buy seltzer water and dried buttermilk. I just wanted enough seltzer water to make this, which I couldn't there was only one non-sweetened/flavor seltzer water...

Anyways, I also bought a simple and relatively inexpensive waffle maker (not the one I wanted, but nobody had that). They turned out pretty well. I served them with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, butter and syrup.

I think I had some happy people after dinner and leftovers too (which toasted up in the next morning very well)

Pan Seared Yellowfin Tuna

The pieces of tuna that I had were very thin, so this was made very quickly. It was very nice to eat. I still have two more tuna filets (frozen) that are a bit thicker to come out with a better overall. We had these with a simple salad.

Chinese-Hawaiian "Barbecued" Ribs

I bought some Eden Farms pork ribs with the intention of giving them to my brother Joseph to make them, however he is back at school my freezer's stock need to be rotated (and I can buy more) so I figured I should use them. Being that I don't have anything more then a BBQ tool set, I looked all over to find a recipe that I could do in the oven.

And this was one of the first ones I found. I think it turned out well. I didn't have enough soy sauce (used what was left in the fridge), I didn't feel like buying a bottle of sherry (used a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar). But they came out sticky and mostly tender. I suppose they could've cooked for a bit longer to add more tenderness. But it turned out pretty good. I still feel like I have a belly full of pork, which is not a bad thing.

We didn't eat until later, since there was a little emergency with George.