2010 - Week 20 Cooking Results

Flatbread (leftover from game night) Pizza (sauce leftover from veal burgers, pepperoni leftover from me buying it a while back)

It made for a super quick dinner. And turned out pretty well. Nothing really that special, but still pretty nice.

Flatbread with hummus (both leftover from game night), lamb (bought a while back, and a yogurt sauce)

The flatbread is great warmed. And with the lamb, onion garlic and tomato combo it really made for a good quick dinner.

Eden Farms Pork Burgers

So in the second time in making these, I am very curious as to the estimated fat content of these burgers. Usually when I buy pork from the store I have to use a little olive oil to get it to not totally stick to the pan. These, not so much. They expel a whole lot pork fat, which is nice...but perhaps a little less fat per pound...but I'm not sure yet.

Scrambled eggs with Ham (from last week), potatoes and onions

This did not turn out like I wanted. Thought it still tasted good, I think I should've cooked it in a non stick pan perhaps...

Reduced-Fat Fried Fish with Tarter Sauce (p4 June and July 2010 Cook's Country)

This actually turned out quite well. Though I was a little miffed by the fish. "Fish may contain bones." Really? The giant bones that look like they were sawed through? They may be there? Anyways, I did have to adjust the recipe a bit, because I ran out of eggs, but even so, it worked well. Crunchy on the outside, and a nice fish on the inside, it worked very well.