2017 - Week 11 Cooking Results

This proved to be a fairly forgetful week.  Cause..stress...I suppose not that forgetful, but enough so.  Planning for the next two weeks is kinda of out the window.

Chicken Alfredo, with real pasta (birthday dinner)

After a night at Alba (delicious), I put together one of Shannon's favorites.  Though I did forget the chicken, even after buying chicken that morning to make it with.  It did turn out very good, even so.

Steak v Chicken, finished in OVEN

Yay! oven!  This is my compromise.  Shannon doesn't like steak so much (especially the tougher and tastier cuts I want that are higher in iron).  Nice sear, nice finish, good stuffs.

Shepherd's Pie (Lamb, not beef)

It got warm...I didn't want to spend the evening over the stove and Shannon was ok with that, we had lamb burgers.

Slow Roasted chicken (Crooked Gap)

Finally got to roast that chicken.  Finally got to use the vertical roaster I got from my mother in law.  I brined the chicken, rubbed it with olive oil, sprinkled it with salt, put some orange juice over it and in the bowl of the roaster.  Turned out pretty good.  I'll have to do it some more.

Sweet Italian Sausage and peppers grinders

Easy, yummy.