2017 - Week 14 Cooking

Things are attempting to return to normal.  I enjoyed my last week in Madison, though it did have it's own stressors and annoyances (took me days to get used to the hotel room enough to get a decent amount of sleep).  I went to a bunch of restaurants, which were generally quite good to amazing.  For me Red (Sushi) and the Heritage Tavern are at the top of the list, but nothing was disappointing (except the hotel breakfast, but what can you expect).  I really enjoyable to watch Jack Yip prepare a personalized sushi course for the couple next to us.  The level of craft and detail was just stunning.  It was a clear strain on my own socialization ability to be with that many people for so long every day.  It was nice to spend that much face time with my team members, though, in both work and social events.