2017 - Week 14 Cooking Results

Grilled Cheese and Mortadella (Underground Meats)

While I've had better mortadella, I'm glad I had this, it is quite good and clearly crafted.  That with some Gruyere, good stuffs.

Grown Up Stovetop Mac & Cheese

So I needed American cheese to make this work.  While I didn't want to buy a multi-pound block, since I'm not sure what other uses I'd have for this, so I ended up buying (generic) single slices of cheese.  It is true, the stabilizers and etc in there really do smooth out the cheese sauce.  I kind of liked the way that this worked out, though I'm still annoyed about using that "cheese".

Lamb Larb

I do like me some larb, and made with lamb?  Delicious.

Basic Bulgogi

I doubled this recipe, because I wanted to make sure I had leftovers (and I believe I added extra meat to the cart on accident, because I thought I needed it for something else.

Bacon wrapped Roast chicken

Simple, baked, good.

My dad has been here all week and he's been a good house guest.  Though I am looking forward to having my private (shared) space back when he returns to where he normally is staying.