2018 - Week 11 Cooking Results

Lobster or Chicken Alfredo

It was a bit weird to be both sad and try to celebrate the anniversary of my wife's birth.  As I didn't have enough lobster for the both of us, I gave her the option of what she wanted (lobster).  She also got chicken for the next day for lunch.  We also had little cakes from Let Them Eat Cake in Valley Junction.

Butterflied Pork Chop spiced with Ras El Hanout in flatbread

Simple and came together pretty quick.  Seared the pork chops, took them out, sliced them, added them back, with a can of diced tomatoes and finished them the tomato liquid.

Taco Salad

Simple, good stuff.

Shepherd's Pie (Modified)

I added some Ras El Hanout (instead of garlic) and a kiss (maybe two) of Irish Whiskey (lil for me, lil for the Pie).  Happy to have mutton to use (Lucky George).


Always good with grass fed beef.