2018 - Week 52 Cooking Results

63C egg with bacon on toast (today)

This mostly worked the way I wanted, just sort of incomplete. I would like a denser white, but the liquid level of the yolk was very nice. The thought of using this method to help poach an egg is pretty cool. Looking forward trying this again to get to the right place.

Pasta with Italian Sausage

Simple easy dinner, used up some leftover pasta. I may have had a bit to much pasta for the sauce I made, but oh well.

Split Pea and Ham Soup

Cooked, adjusted, cooked, peppered, a touch of salt, more ham. It was done while the cold snap (only by comparison)

Pork Burgers

Easy peasy.

2018 - Week 51 Cooking Results

Sous Vide fish (serious eats as a guide)

I had some yellow fin tuna, and took one steak and cooked it up (and then cleaned up some stuff in the garage). This is nice. Maybe soon I’ll graduate to the cook then finish in pan.

Brats! (for lazy Sunday)


Ham & Gruyere scramble

Melty and delicious.

Ham and Bean Soup

Simple combination, came together quickly and made for a pretty good meal.

Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes

I’m looking forward to lunch today, because Meatloaf sandwich is on the horizon. This turned out pretty well. Reading through the recipe I was convinced that this may be overly complicated, but as I made this on a Saturday, without much else to do, I figured I’d follow along. Normally I use pork and beef, but this is an all beef one, and was pretty good. I generally make mashed potatoes for guests, making it just for us is a bit harder, as I have to reduce the amount of thought in my head. They turned out pretty good (I used up some leftover sour cream, some quark, some butter and some whole milk).

2018 - Week 51 Cooking

The year is starting to draw to a close. Deadlines are coming about, new projects (smallish) are being dropped in my lap. So far so good. Winter market was yesterday I was able to restock my egg stash. Clearly this means I need to make the 145º egg. We’re going to have some fish again because practice makes better (and fish is not bad for you).

  • Sous Vide fish (serious eats as a guide)

  • Brats! (for lazy Sunday)

  • Ham & Gruyere scramble

  • Ham and Bean Soup

  • Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes

2018 - Week 50 Cooking Results

Bangers & Mash, apprently I don’t have bangers…

Chatted with Jason from Lucky George, and They’re all out for a bit (til early spring) of the specialty sausages. So I was unable to fulfill this dining request from Shannon.

Sheet-Pan Mac & Cheese With Pumpkin & Brown Butter

This was interesting. Under cooked noodles, then breadcrumbs to make crispy top, cooked in a half sheet pan to create a crispy bottom. Fascinating concept on making it. Attention to detail on pan and pot reduction and all that. Good meal. Will have to do this again.

Sous Vide fish (serious eats as a guide)

Heats water, keeps timing, holds at a temp. Flaky fish. So this was ridiculously easy way to cook fish. I’m often not paying fully attention to cooking and fish goes from done to over done to way over done pretty quickly. This was a simple sort of thing. I used a couple of zipper top bags, salt, pepper a bit of butter and pretty much done. I like that the app told me about how much time was left til the water temp was right, then swaps right into cooking mode.

Mayo-Free Chicken Salad With Kimchi, Ginger, and Scallions Recipe

I adjusted this a bit, and did add mayo, so this really wasn’t a legit expression of this. I thought the Mayo and Kim Chi and chicken was pretty good though

Hamburgers (Lucky George)

Yeah…the smoke alarm got angry at me. I need a vent fan.

Taco Salad

Simple, quick, good.

2018 - Week 50 Cooking

So after a year or so of pondering to get the gadget and seeing them go on super sale, I finally picked up a sous vide device. I have vague plans for a couple of things, but to make sure I use It, I’m going to try to implement it in at least one recipe a week. I’m going to start with fish. Since I don’t have a lot of experience in fish, it may be the way to go. I’m curious how this will work. I was going to do eggs, but most of my providers are having new flocks or etc, so I’m kind of eggless right now.

2018 - Week 49 Cooking Results

French Tacos: baguette, Brie, Pate, cornichons

This came out of going to the Richard the Whale release. I’m not sure how this came up as we were driving to drop the Matta’s teenager off at a swim meet and a mild lack of a filter as the mild intoxication was wearing off (it was a beer release party). So the Thought and discussion of how to do a french taco came about, so you need a shell, and then ingredients that are French (in essence, not necessarily in actual origin). So after a bit of back and forth the combo was made. I picked up a american brie style cheese, some country style pate from the cheese shop and I had some leftover cornichons from thanksgiving (bought two jars). I wasn’t able to make it to La Mie to get a baguette, so I picked up an “artisinal” one which was…ok…I guess. I baked it in the oven for a bit and added cornichons to my “taco” afterwards. It was pretty damn good.

Quick and Easy Skillet Tamale Pie With Brown Butter Cornbread Crust Recipe

This was quick, it was easy and it cam together in a very tasty fashion. I was happy with how it turned out.

Crispy Breadcrumb Fried Eggs

I’m was almost out of farm fresh eggs (now am). So I decided not to experiment on the last set of eggs.

Roasted Garlic Mac & Cheese

I originally started on one website’s recipe and after reading it and finding it incomplete, shopped around a bit and found one that seemed ok. I’m not sure what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it was kind of lacking. It seemed to not hit all the notes that one would expect. The roasted garlic stood out, good cheese, but not like the random mac that I do (mustard and blue usually stand out as notes). I dunno. Lots of pots and pans too.

Bangers & Potatoes

Good, Shannon requested mashed potatoes, so I’ll do that next time.

2018 - Week 48 Cooking Results

Quick Tomato Chicken Curry

I took some of the spice rub tossed it with the chicken, some potatoes and olive oil and roasted them in the oven. It turned out pretty good. Shannon wasn’t feeling like curry, so I called adjusted.

Brats and Leftover Potato Salad & Boston baked beans

I couldn’t imagine making this for real…well for us at least, but leftovers and some Lucky George brats? Yes, Please

Grilled Cheese and Mortadella (or something else)

I love this combination, bread, fatty meat and fat. Ok…maybe that’s why. Even so.

Summer Sausage Scrambled Eggs

Saw a recipe on this combination. I think for something else, but simplified it in my mind.

Hamburgers swapped to pork patties with bacon, cause it was right on top of the pile. (Remnant Hills Farm)

So part of me thinks having more control over my website I can do things like adding a strike through, which I complained about, but then I remember the purpose of hosting it here is that I don’t have to worry about that. Anyways, this turned out well.

2018 - Week 48 Cooking

  • Quick Tomato Chicken Curry

  • Brats and Leftover Potato Salad & Boston baked beans

  • Grilled Cheese and Mortadella (or something else)

  • Summer Sausage Scrambled Eggs

  • Hamburgers swapped to pork patties with bacon, cause it was right on top of the pile. (Remnant Hills Farm)