2018 - Week 12 Cooking Results

Cuban Burgers

Vaguely followed, Pretty Good.

Cheesy Baked Pasta with Cauliflower

I made one minor change here.  The cheese didn't exactly match, as there wasn't quite the match at the cheese shop, but I also changed this vegetarian dish to not, and added the leftover Garlic Sausage (red table), cutting it into rounds and then mixing it in.  That being said, this came out pretty well, porky, fatty garlicy and earthy (cauliflower).  More experiments to come I suppose.

Garlic Sausage Sandwiches

Halved the garlic sausage, seared, and then added to a sandwich.  Good things.

Peruvian Style Grilled Chicken with Spicy Green Sauce

So I think I've about had it with my food processor.  The pieces of it are getting harder and harder to find as Cuisinart has replaced it with a model that is slightly different.  That being said, this came together OK (minor leak splattered my shirt for the chicken marinade).  I used chicken thighs instead of breasts and the oven instead of a grill.  Good things.  I do like the Green sauce.

Ham Steak & Egg scramble

This turned into ham steak and eggs on bagels.  Good things.