2018 - Week 16 Cooking Results


So it has been a while and I seemed to forget how important it was to get as much liquid as possible out of the tomatoes (I did poke a squeeze them, as I do) plus I used buffalo mozzarella this time, which may have added to the liquid that eventually pooled and dampened the crust.  I went back to the standard King Arthur Bread Flour (after uses some of the other flours in my house), which behaved as I expected.  I would like to do a mix of the others or at least something, but that would probably require me to make pizza more often then is really good for me.

Kimchi Fried Grain (Quinoa)

Using leftover Quinoa, this came together pretty quickly and tasted pretty good.  Certainly a way to use leftover grains that I cook (which is the purpose).

Pork Hot Dogs

Good as always.

Mutton Burgers

On the one hand, eating the last of the mutton in my freezer is sad, on the other, it's almost Market season!  Served with Cabra Blanca.  Good Stuffs.