2018 - Week 17 Cooking Results

The Cheese Thing (with Italian Sausage)

While this was good, it felt incomplete.  I suppose if I had the time to let it soak it may have improved the texture over all, but maybe adding a can of tomato sauce?  I don't know it was missing something.  It was super simple to put together though.

Beef Sliders with Provolone and Balsamic Onions

I am out of local beef.  Luckily for me, DTFM starts in 6 days.  I did order some meats from the Iowa Food Coop, but my chosen provider was out of beef.  That being said, I ran out to whole foods to get some grass fed beef and went from there.  Shannon Skipped the onions, but I think they added a nice flavor overall.

Brats! (Remnant)

Good things!

Grilled Gruyere and Sweet Onion Sandwiches

I took the time to cook down the onions.  I added a bit of Salame Rosa to the mix.  I made Shannon's first, without onions, then spent the time to get the onions to the nice flavor profile they expect.  The pieces worked together very well.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken (with jalapeño instead of scotch bonnet)

I put the sauce / brining mixture together, while getting my HVAC it's regular service.  I apparently had forgotten to get green onions, so just skipped that step, for the most part I think it came together pretty well.  At the time of cooking I guess 350F or 375F, after a bit of googling, 375F translates to the grill temperature wanted.  So I headed that way.  The chicken turned out a little spicy, but not to much.  It was, maybe, a bit to salty.  I feel like I should've watered down the soy sauce a bit, but I can make a note of that for next time.