2018 - Week 14 Cooking Results

I took a short trip (less then 24 hours there) to Madison for a bit of training.  So I met up with most of my team and we had a very nice dinner at Graft.  Quite a good meal, nice time with my team mates.  Fun time.  Although it's not a lot of time for 9-10 hours of driving.

Spicy Larb with Cabbage Cup

So apparently the spiciness of larb is not on the Ok side for Shannon.  So I will have to reconsider how I make this in the future and reduce the heat.  That being stated, I went to pork burgers and put kimchi on it.  Good stuffs.

Scrambled Eggs and N'djua


Fried Egg Tacos with Spicy Chile Jam

Quickly came togheter, Tasted pretty good. 

Pork Burgers

There was not enough pork in the freezer, so I pulled out some mutton instead.  Good stuffs.