2018 - Week 21 Cooking Results

Quick Kimchi Pancakes

So my idea was to put the kimchi pancakes in with some pork in a flat bread.  I, however, didn't get home from work in a timely fashion so the timeline got messed up.

Kimchi Mac & Cheese

So uh...this was pretty good. Really good actually.  I am going to make this again, without a doubt.  I used some local kimchi (not as good as the Brinery, but not as expensive either).  I also added some chopped cooked chicken thighs.  Maybe the next step is to make it into a baked dish with a bread crumb top.

Italian Sausage, Ramps with mozzarella on English muffins

So my idea was to combine the tastes of ramps and Italian sausage in a delicious edible combination.  I don't think I had enough ramps and maybe it was missing something else, but the ramps have disappeared so I won't get to work on this again for a bit.

Brat Burgers (skinless brats sqaushed)

Good Things