2018 - Week 25 Cooking Results

Korean Sloppy Joe (saw it in Koreatown at the Cheese Shop)

Interesting set of ingredients, but a nice flavor profile to something that feels familiar but has a new flavor to it.  I enjoyed it.

Chickpea "Tuna" Salad

So this was a simple thing to do on a hot day.  Also avoids that burden of having tuna open with several cats in the house.  Turned out pretty good.  I diverted a bit, but followed the recipe for the most part.

Pesque de Quinua

Thursday, I was exhausted after a long day, so I stopped by the Cheese Shop on the way home and had them make us dinner.  Delicious times, and after a full nights sleep I felt way way better.

Funny thing, in describing the day and why I was tired to the nurse, through some miscommunication and misunderstanding there was an assumption that I had gotten an OWI, after explaining a bit, this was cleared up, but it struck me as funny.

White Park Beef Burger

Good as always.

egg and bacon sandwich

Between the Art Festival and seeing the Mr Rogers documentary, we had eggs and bacon.  It was good.