Long day at work and Brandon's Birthday Party

So Friday morning I got up at 5, skipped out on my walk and got ready for work. I got in my car, tried to go to Grounds for Celebration, but they weren't open yeat, and drove over to Coralridge Mall over in Coralville. The trip was just over 100 miles. I parked my car in front of Sears and waited. My boss came by, picked up Heather (corporate HR) and then came over and got me. We headed to the Quad Cities to train Trinity's HR on Applicant Tracking. The training went pretty well, I think. We all ate at this small coffee shop in down town Rock Island. The soup was pretty good and the cookie too.

We drove back to Coralville, I got back in my car and drove home. So it was about a 10 hour day.

I got home, went out and bought Brandon a gift...sat down and relaxed for a little bit and headed over there. I was the first to arrive and it was a lot of fun. The weather was cooperating and it was mildly warm and humid. More people arrived and it was a fun time. Eventually, the morning got the better of so I went and sat down on their couch, looked at some wedding photos with Val and the started watching southpark...eventually I just tuckered out and started napping. Around 1, people started taking off and I did the same.

It was a fun night, but a long day.