Team America...and Century 20 Jordan Creek

So I got a call from Brandon and I headed over there, and in the shining blue LED lights of his Scion xB Brandon, Val and I headed the short trip over to Jordan Creek Town Center and went to Century 20 Theater. Quite a big theater it is...but it certainly fits inside the big mall. So the first thing I see is a huge snack bar. It includes ice cream, Starbucks coffee and all the normal things that a movie snackbar has...except...having two diffrent kinds of popcorn. It was pretty amazing. So we bought our tickets and headed in.

So, Team America: World Police...I heard good and bad things about the movie...but it is by the creators of South Park, and even though they do often hold controversial points of view, or bluntly put things, but I still find them funny. Was it controversial, sure, but it does point out a few things that are funny. We seem to put so much stock in the ideas and sayings of the famous. Not the people that actually spend their lives researching and studying the topic, but people who for their main job involves them pretending to be someone else or they hit the genetic lottery and got good looks or sports skills.

But yes, it is funny. I laughed a lot. When Team America would visit another country, they'd end up destroying almost every monument of note.

I think the most important think taken from this movie is that you can't take anything too seriously. The ability to laugh at things is what gives life the spark to make it worth living.

So tomarrow Brandon Heads to California to go to Medseek's 2nd Annual Developers Conference. I'd be going...but..I think Proctor wants at least one of us here. But I think Brandon will have a good time.