preping for Halloween

So Jen came over yesterday afternoon after her tutoring session, and we started to go all over town to find stuff to put up for halloween. We went to the Dollar Store (which apprently takes only cash or checks), big lots, Target, Valley West Mall and Wal-Mart. I spent about 20$ on her suggestion and then went back home to make over my house. It was pretty late when we got back, so we didn't finish. She should be coming over tonight to finish the job.

But it was kinda fun. I'm looking forward to the whole trick or treating thing too...and I dropped 30$ on candy, buying so many diffrent kinds. I was tempted to open them, but I know me, and that'd be bad...

Jen also talked about how Beaverdale is fairly well known for having pretty good christmas displays...and I dunno if I wanna do that. I don't even own a Christmas tree...or even a stand for a real christmas tree. So I guess we'll see how I feel after thanksgiving.

So going around shopping last night, I saw...CHRISTMAS things. It's not even thanksgiving...not even close to it. This is riduculas. There is only so much christmas I can take. I don't care that it's a big business season for stores and they wanna get a jump on the season. It's too EARLY. Soon enough they'll start opening the next christmas season right after christmas ends.