Hanging out at my parents

So I got to my parents (where I am at now) in the middle of the day on thursday. I hung out for a little while, and then called Nathan (Clif's Best man from Boston) to see what was up. He gave me a task, which after visiting 10 stores, I completed!.

Nathan and Jenny picked me up at around 5:PM.

It's not polite to record any information about a bachelor party, so I won't. Needless to say I think everyone had a good time.

Nathan dropped me off at my parents at around 2:30. I came in...brushed my teeth, and then passed out.

Friday, I spent the entire day at home. Since life is still going on around here, by the time I woke up only Joseph was still home..and he was about to leave for his college classes at Kirkwood. So I sat down and played Heroes of Might and Magic IV...all day long. For dinner we had Corned beef and the surronding fixtures. It was yummy. After dinner...more HMM IV....

So later today is Clif and Sara's wedding. That should be fun. I get to see Knogg (Dan) for the first time in years.