long damn day

So here was my day:

4:15 AM: Wake up cause I'm nervous about oversleeping, try to go back to sleep.
4:45 AM: Alarm goes of
4:50 AM: prepare for day
5:55 AM: Boss picks me up at my home
6:05 AM: stop at Brugger's Begals to get begals/coffee/etc
6:15 AM: get gas for car
8:35 AM: Arrive In Sioux City
8:55 AM: Arrive at St Lukes
9:00 AM: Help Train HR
Noon: Move to board room.
12:15 PM: Help Train VPs
1:30 PM: Help Train Managers Session 1
3:00 PM: Help Train Managers Session 2, Boss loses voice, take lead roll on training managers.
4:30 PM: Close Discussions with HR
4:45 PM: Leave St Lukes
5:10 PM: Stop for Dinner
6:00 PM: Drive to Des moines
7:00 PM: Stop For gas.
8:30 PM: Get home

So uh...that's a long damn day. So now it's about 10:30 and I'm just tired as all well I should be.