from funny to uh...later

So yesterday I got invited out to go see a comedy show with a few friends of mine (Matt, Kelly, Brandon and Val). We saw Jim Short at the Funny Bone. It was pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

Afterwards, they wanted to go to a bar, because it is Val's birthday today (Happy Birthday Val and Jen). So they wanted to go over to Miss Kitty's Dance Hall and Cyber Saloon. And...well...I didn't find it fun at all...eventually I left and headed over to the crib.

I left the crib to come back here and pick up a few things and by the time I got back, most of the people were gone. But eventually it ended up being me, Ryan, Josh, and Courtie. Josh...was...well...really drunk and it was funny to watch him that way. Around 3:15 I headed home and went to bed.

Fun night overall...