ahhh...peace of mind

So after watching a Hawkeye/Drake Game (yeah I don't care about either team), I played some cards with (new) Jen. And after spending the night away, I finally got up the courage to have the conversation that I wanted to.

And it went well. I led into a fairly neat conversation and I certainly feel better. I hope she does too and I hope we can still hang out and still be friends. She did call me handsome, and didn't think the pictures I had on my profile did me justice, so that made me feel good :)

So I've learned

1. I overthink way to much (I already knew this)
2. Speaking your mind is not a bad thing (at least not all the time).
3. Being honest is not bad.
4. My friends are way cool and I'm glad I can talk to them about my life, without judgement being passed (Thanks, Josh, Jen, Kelly and Courtie).

So I also had an interesting conversation with Jen (uh...not new, and not Other), and I think that it was good, I hope I didn't hurt any of her feelings, cause I really like having her as a friend and I don't want to loose her as a friend. I enjoy that she has been there to support me and I'm there to support her too.