Cooking and goodness

So normally I just cook for myself. I like what I cook, but that doesn't mean much. I've cooked for family, but that's about it.

So last night, after (original) Jen got done with work, she came over and I made pasta and heated up the loaf of bread that she brought over.

We actually sat down to eat...and not at a resturant...normally I'll just veg in front of the TV.

She was also celebrating that she got a job to become the Director of Tutoring for Youth Incentives. Woo!

It was nice.

tonight is more geekyness. More Diablo II. It'll be fun. In fact, if I weren't stuck in cube land, I'd probably just goof off during work today and play it all day too :)

Oh...and I was gonna buy my little brother a new PS2 for Christmas...but apprently they're all out...everywhere. I tried like 8 places online...and most places are like after Christmas at best. I guess that means I'll be moving to plan B.