a hat and other things

So last night I went shopping. I went down to Chim Chim Cherie Fireplace store on 35th (between ingersol and grand) and got my self a nice american made iron grate for my upstairs fireplace and some things to actually start fires with.

Then I headed over to target for a hat and Dazed and Confused. They only had the full screen version of dazed and confused, but they did have Club Dred for 10$ so I got that. Got that hat, had it on this morning...hoo boy it made a diffrence. Much warmer...espically my ears :)

So After target I headed to best buy and got Dazed and Confused and saw the Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison for 20$ I got that.

Came home and had two banana's for dinner and Jen (new) came over and we talked for a few hours.

Tonight, the plan is:

1. Go pick up (new) Jen.
2. Go to her League bowling game
3. Go and get some silly movies (Super Troupers and Dazed and Confused at least) at my house (so they don't have to sit out in the cold).
4. Go over to (new) Jen's house, and watch movies.

It should be a lot of fun.

Tomarrow is watching Lord of the Rings, all the way through, on josh's new huge ass TV. That'll be fun too :)

Oh and today, I'm going to go eat lunch! At the new Palmer's on Ingersol. mmm...palmers....