fun weekend

So Friday was fun...slowly got updates from brandon via text messaging about the Iowa vs Iowa State game (couldn't read the score at the bowling alley). Watched (new) Jen bowl 3 games in her league (she beat her average over the three games by just a little). I learned a lot about league bowling, how they score, how they decide who wins, what the handicap is. It's kinda interesting. Kinda levels out the playing field (for those of us who are not so good).

After bowling, we stopped at the grocery store, headed back here, picked up movies and a few other things and then headed over to Jen's. Ordered some pizza, and watched Super Troopers and my newly purchased Dazed and Confused. Thanks again Jen for such a wonderful night.

Saturday...around 1:20 I headed over to Josh's. On the way I stopped and picked up lunch at KFC for Josh, Adam, and I. Well...not so much stoped as was stopped at KFC waiting and waiting. I was in the drive through so long, that I turned off my car, and really thought about leaning backin in my seat and taking a nap. I didn't get to Josh's util around two. Oh and the Sprite...well...wasn't sprite at all but just carbonated water. We then watched Lord of the Rings...all of it. It was a crowded house, with 9 people (at the max) crowded around Josh's new TV. I was a bit tired, so I did fall asleep once or twice...for short periods of time. We ate pizza around the end of The Two Towers.

So it's Sunday now. and I can hear the wind blowing outside. Occasionally blowing leaves up against my window.