Journal shower....

So this morning...I slept in a little and didn't take my morning walk. So I finally get out of bed and turn on the shower, take my electric razor and start to wander and shave, like I do every morning. I finish and walk in and I steam on the mirror or windows...So i'm like...well the door's open it should be fine. I step into the shower, and immediately step right out.

The water was just frigid. So I go downstairs, like I'm gonna understand crap about my water heater, and look...and don't do anything...go upstairs, run the water for 5 minutes or so with no results, go downstairs open the spigit on the water heater just a little and cold water came out.

So it was beyond me, so I called Thrasher and they're coming over in the mid to late morning. I called my boss and I'm now working from home at least I don't have to try to clean myself up until I get hot water.

Fun fun.