that didn't go so bad

So tonight was the night. (new) Jen and I had a discussion about the state of things and neither of us liked where it was headed, so we decided to to be Friends. So I invited her to my New Year's party (which is in place of the New Year's party that is held at the Crib. Oh and (original) Jen was right, I shouldn't have worried about it as much as I did.

I watched her bowl, we went and ate at Mondos, I drove her home and now I'm writing this.

Next week should be cool. Short work week, Christmas, on the 22nd My brother, his wife and their two boys will be hanging out here for the overnight before they head out for christmas out west. then i'll be heading over to my parents...and somewhere in there Nathan and Jenny and their baby will be coming up here to visit my home and see it for the first time :)

The 27th will kinda suck but be good at the same time. I've got to be to work, to turn on Applicant tracking for Cedar Rapids...but this is good, cause it's the last site we're doing. And we got it done by the end of the year, which I know, completes a lot of goals that people had for this year. I've also a dentist appointment that day, which I expect to go well...but it could go bad...I guess it all depends...

Then another short work week and a new year's party.

Oh and I've been getting Christmas cards this week. So far I've gotten one from My boss's boss, church, and Courtney (which was really sweet and brought a tear to my eye), but I am expecting one from Nathan and Jenny and another from Nkosi and Liz. I should really grow up and do something like this.

Oh and I caught up on my non-regular comics today, and i ran across this comic and understood it fully.