So today, since it's a bit cold out, I decided to build a fire in my fireplace. Considering I don't have one of those automagic natural gas fire starters. I put in the round fire starter thing that I got a chim cherie. Put some wood from the pile out back on it and in short order had a fire going...

I then realized that some of the wood I brought in was too long for my eventually here, I'm gonna have to break them ninja style, or get myself a hand saw to cut them in half.

But it really doesn't heat up the room too much...maybe a little. But it does look nice. Good way to have deep thoughts.

Last night I went over to the Crib, and they were having a mini-lan party. So I sat down at Dutty's computer, while he was showering, and played a little. A bit after that, me, Dutty, Jen, and Dave went to see Spanglish. I thought it looked good, some of my friends thought it looked kinda "chick flicky". I thought it was good. More about the pressures and stresses of life and family, then anything. I liked it. I would hope that I could be that kind of father someday, supporting my wife and children the best I can.

So a few days ago I had this conversation with courtney and I came up with a list of things that I want/don't want in a woman.

1. I don't want someone that is significantly less smart then I am (they can be alot smarter).
2. I want someone Passionate about music. Not just likes, but passionate.
3. I want someone that will help me be a better person, and I can help them be a better person.
4. I want someone who knows that even though I don't show emotion that often on the outside, I do have a lot of emotion on the inside.
5. I want someone who can jokingly give me shit and I can do the same with her (I like to kid around a lot).
6. I want someone that likes movie/book/etc form (this is one that didn't come out in the discussion).

I don't think that it's asking for to much to get most of those.

Anyways...the fire is dying down...cause it apprently burend through that dry wood pretty fast, so I'm gonna go out and get some more.