Fall Out Boy and being outside

Although the night started kinda slow, at least for me, once fall out boy took the stage the fun began. There were many crowd surfers and ocassionaly a mosh pit broke out (one time leading to a young lass geting knocked out) but it was really cool. The crowd knew and loved the songs and I don't think it'll be to long before we see them all over the place. They've got a CD coming out on Island records later this year so it should be good.

There with me were Brandon, Val, and Jen. Even though i invited all the other cribbers, apprently no one else trusts my taste in music (even though I've seen a few shows they suggested and they were just boring or annoying as all hell).

After the show I took Jen for a little drive in my new car on the interstate and then took her to her car...she almost ran out of gas when she she was headed straight for the gas station.

Earlier in the day I had a fun little experience. I was shredding paper in my basement when my paper shredder got I emptied it into a bag and took it outside to my garbage bin. When I got back to my front door, i realized...i don't have keys on me...heck i didn't have pants on... So there i was in boxers and a tie-dyed shirt locked out of my house. So i figured I'd give brandon a call, since he's got a spare key. I went over to my neighbor's and he let me use the phone and a phone book so that I could call brandon. I called and left a message...and then i started to wait. The bell tower down the street rang noon...and then one. I tried to do some work outside, but it wasn't much good considering that all my tools are locked in the garage and I didn't have shoes on (to walk on the rocks to pull weeds). A little after one i went back over to my neighbors and ask to use thier computer and I then looked up brandon's cell phone number. I got a hold of him and a little while later Val came over and let me in my house. It was a long and boring time. It was a good thing that it wasn't too hot out or it would've been a long boring, very uncomfortable time. I'm glad i didn't have to pay a locksmith to get back into my house or break a window or something like that. Hopefully I learn my lesson. It was kinda telling later too...cause when Jen came over and we were about to head to the show, I almost for got the tickets. AND when we got to the show I left the tickets in my car. Maybe I'm just losing my mind...oh well...