Lazy Week

So around 5 on Sunday, my oldest sister Cara showed up with her husband Brent, and children Meredith, Venessa, Nathan, and Camden and my youngest brother Isaac. I gave them a tour of the house and we chatted for a while. One thing I did notice is that children are awfully noisy. My home is usually devoid of sound and it certainly added a lot of life to house.

Isaac, who is 12 (almost 13), stayed behind and will be leaving for Utah tomarrow morning with my dad (who will arrive tonight or tomarrow morning) to visit my youngest sister who is about to have her first child.

So far, we've wathed a lot of Futurama (on dvd) and played a whole lot of PS2. We've played Gauntlet, Tony Hawk 4, Spy Hunter, The Simpsons Hit and Run, Twisted Metal Black, and a few others. We also Played Bocci in my back yard (where I beat him 10 to 8), drove around Des Moines in my new car, walked down to Snookies.

I'm glad he came up. I needed to take a break from work and this was a good excuse.

My friend B will be heading off on a trip this Friday and I won't be able to play Backgammon this weekend. I really enjoy playing backgammon and she really helps me get a good perspective on my life. I'll miss her while she is gone.

Next Friday, I'll be heading to my Parents for both my friend Wade's wedding reception (almsot a year after he got married) and my 10 year High School Reunion. I know I'll get to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a long time and I won't be all rushed to leave (like I was with Bret's wedding). The high school reunion...I dunno, I could live with not going...but since it happens to be on the same weekend and I'll be in town anyways...I might as well go.

Although I enjoyed high school and felt like I had place there, I don't miss it. And most of the people that I am curious what happened to, weren't in my same class. I suppose it will be good to see people again.

Tomarrow I get to go back to work for a short short week (two days) and Brandon will be gone so I'll be doing on call for him (not like he hasn't been doing on call for me all week).

Last night a big storm came over Des Moines and having to deal with a few power flickers and one power outage of about 40 seconds. I decided it was probably best to get my car in out of the case it wanted to hail and dent up my finish. So now it's in thee all safe and sound...although the weather is nice now....

Isaac will also be leaving tomarrow and that sucks too. It's kinda nice to have someone around the house.