Watching FFX

So My younger brother poped in FFX earlier today and has been playing it all day. Not that I mind. We had grilled PepperJack sandwiches for lunch.

I've ben kinda watching and kinda reading old journal entries to friends of mine....some of them started a long time ago. It's been interesting to read about their lives, before I even knew them. Kinda gives me a better perspective, I suppose.

I also payed bills today...pretty much everything... It's a good think that some computers still work! Running the stuff on Linux was actually kinda nice, even though the computer is old and makes a lot of noise. Maybe I'll make workhorse (v2) a linux machine when I get it back up and running.

It does kinda suck that I still have to use IE on my laptop to visit some of the sites because they just don't work well (or at all) in other browsers.

Oh well