Class Reunion Night 1

So I headed down to Muddy Waters in downtown Cedar Rapids (right next to the Science Station) and on my way to go up stairs to the "party" I saw John (roomate 2nd semester of college), Clif (High School/roomate 1st semester of college), Wade (High School), Kristy (clif's sister and John's wife), Tabatha (Wade's wife), and Sara (Clif's soon to be wife). So instead of going upstairs, I just went and sat down with them. Apprently they hadn't realized that the reunion stuff was that night and were just down there eating dinner.

Clif and Sara were also there to check out the private dining room...which happened to be upstairs. So we got upstairs for free (to look at the dining room) and just walked trhough and said hi to a few people...nothing direly serious.

After that, we all went back to Wade's parents and sat around a fire just chit chatting until around midnight.

I think that was better then the alternative.