class reunion day 2 and reception

So at around 10:40 I left to find the Class reunion picnic (kids welcome) that started at 11. This time I had thought better of my knowledge of Cedar Rapids and checked out a map FIRST before I left. It was held at beaver park and I got there a little after 11. I was greeted by the class president and sat down. People eventually started to arrive and eventually people that I actually knew showed up. It was kinda awkward cause there were people that I thought I knew who they were, but I couldn't for the life of me remember their names. I'm thinking that name tags would've been a deffinate plus, and I had heard that they were planning on having them that night at the billiards thing.

So I chit chatted with a few people, and eventually a few people that I was actually curious to see showed up. Jenny P. was there with her husband and very young child. Nate and Jenny and their 4 (?) month old and that was cool. We (nate jenny and I) felt the awkwardness of it all and decided to leave.

They came back to my parents and my mom got to ooh and awww over their child and we headed off to Perkins to sit down and chat. Clif and Sara were supposed to meet up with us, but they had gone to Perkins Sount and we were at perkins north. Eventually we discovered that Jenny's Mom, grandpa and uncle were in a booth a little ways away from us, so jenny went to join them.

After a while longer, I left to go home and hang out and change.

After watching an episode or two of Dilbert (which my brother bought) I changed and headed over to Wade's parents for the wedding reception.

When I first arrived, I was a little confused because the parking was at the house right before theirs so I had to back up a little and turn in and park (their driveway had little cone blocking it off).

Apprently it is an Austrailian tradition to get a picture with every guest and the bride and groom. So I went to drop off my card and the first thing I did was pose for a picture with Wade and Tabitha.

After that I grabbed myself a drink and started socializing with friends. I didn't recognize wade's younger brother Nate, but he recognized me. He certainly grew up pretty well. Nate's younger sister, I didn't recognize at all (the last time I had seen here she was a young girl and now, apprently, she's a sophmore in college. We talked a little later in the night and she said that it took her awhile but she figured out who I was. I got to talk a lot with Nate and Jenny, Bret and Jess, John and Christy, Wade and Tabitha, and Clif and Sara...and well...yeah I'm still single and about the only one who is.

It was a fun night, I got to watch wade's family, friends and neighbors get drunk (some of which got very very drunk), I got to see Tabitha make a rum and coke that was about 64 oz (freaking huge) and Bret get drunk (which doesn't happen too often). Bret also gave in and let his wife keep a stray cat that had wondered to the party (which he was planning on getting her for her birthday or christmas).

It was a fun time, I got to catch up with a lot of people that I loose track of. I wish Wade and Tabitha well in both their marriage and their life in moving to Austrailia.

I got home a little after one, to find that Joseph was still up watching TV and my mom was still up (but just going to bed).

The reception itself made the weekend worth while.