Class Reunion day 3 and birthdays

So I head down to Kennedy...actually I head down to my parents old house on Chestnut Lane so I can drive from there. I get down there and it looks pretty empty, so I decide to take a little drive, so I drive out to a park and then back and then out collins road and then back to Kennedy.

I went in and the class president was there and maybe one or two other people...but nothing big. So i wondered around. They have a whole new band area and a small theater. It's kinda cool that they got new funding for that.

I got bored, so i left and headed home.

For late lunch, my mom made Lasagna and fruit pizza and pinapple and sweet corn. she also made Marble cake with peanut butter frosting and strawberry cake with strawberry topping. It was a good meal. Alissa turned 25 and Isaac turned 13. He's a teenager! Ugh i feel old. I remember senior photos with me and isaac, with Isaac in lederhosen. Oh well...

I drove home and washed my car to get all the bug splatter off my car.

All and all it was a fun weekend, I didn't get to spend too much time with my family but i did get to spend a lot of time with my friends and that was pretty cool.

It is good to home though.