So I went down to Jordan Acura today to take the service manager out for another spin in my RSX Type S to see if I can reproduce the whistling sound that all my friends and parents and younger brother have heard. The last time I went out, we went west on I80 so I decided to go north on I35 this time in hopes of less traffic.

So I'm driving along 80 with no luck and i know that if I can't reproduce it for him this time I'll go nuts. and then we exited onto 35 and I put the gas down and he heard it...and the futher away we got (and the less traffic there was) the longer the whistling happens. So he did as much as he could to figure out exactly what was going on.

He made his decision and ordered me a new sunroof glass (and molding) and they're gonna replace it.

I'm so happy this is gonna get fixed. Driving back from Cedar Rapids on Sunday it was driving me just absolutely bonkers.

Apprently he's good with names cause when I mentined Dave and his Acura Integra he came up with dave's last name immediately. I thought that was pretty cool.