Jared and Kari's Wedding

So around 4:40 I headed over to Gloria Dei Lutheran Church to go to Jared and Kari's wedding. The church itself was very big and spacious, with a very high vaulted ceiling. There were a lot of plate glass windows with one above the dias that was pretty cool. It was a circle segemented in 3 by 3 pointed ovals. It's obvsiously a signifier to the Holy Trinity, since most of the segments come in three (three parts to the circle, three pointed ovals, three sided rounded triangle in the middle). So it is a very pretty church.

There were quite a few people there of which I know 4. Jared and Kari, and Tim and Rhonda. I think this is the biggest wedding I have been to. The ceremony was nice. Kari looked radiant in her gown and Jared looked quite respectful. The bridemaids were dressed in red. The organ player was mediocre, making a few flubs here and there, though I don't think anyone noticed. After the ceremony, we released ballons into the sky. It was kinda fun...and I think that the photographs will come out well for it. We then headed over to the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. The appitizers were good, the food was ok...except the au gratin potatoes which were fairly vile.

Tim told me a story of how Jared had come to the hotel a few weeks ago to try out the food for the wedding. And apprently they had garlic mashed potatoes....which Jared thought were the worst garlic mashed potatoes he had ever had, so he called the chef out to tell him that...and between that, and a few other comments, the management and FPS told them that maybe they shouldn't hold their reception there...which is wierd since all the invitations had already been sent out.

After normal wedding stuff (toasts, first dances, etc) Tim and Rhonda decided to leave, and since I don't do so well around people I don't know, I decided to follow their lead.

It was a good time and I'm glad I went. I hope Jared and Kari have a good life together.

Tomarrow I'm heading up north to spend the day with Seth and Bri. This is gonna be a lot of fun.