hanging out with sethy and bri

So yesterday morning I got up early for a sunday and headed up to Ames. I apprently woke up Seth early too (I had forgot what time they had told me I needed to make it there to eat breakfast). We shot the breeze for a little while and I saw his big six shooter (new gun). It was very heavy and I couldn't even imgine shooting the thing (not that I've shot many hand guns in my life). After awhile Bri woke up and we headed down to the Grove Cafe.

So the Grove Cafe is within walking distance of where I used to work in downtown Ames, and I have never been there...which, after tasting the food, I just can't believe. The food there is really damn good. I had biscuts and Sausage Gravey, which was very good.

Then we headed back to their house and Bri headed down to work. Seth and I collected up a few things and headed out to this bike track and gravel lot. We used his T-Max and drove it around. Now I gotta say that I've always wanted an R/C car and driving this thing around (where it can reach acutal speeds of 30+ mph). So we leaped it over small hills, drove it through gravel and weeds and dirt. Doing little u-turns and throwing up dirt and gravel and etc. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I really am considering getting me something speedy like that...maybe...I dunno.

So we headed back to their home and I got a little tired so I took a little nap. I woke up, we ordered dinner from the Pizza Kitchens and it was yummy! We ended up playing Cribbage and the Crazy 8's and called it a night.

We went to the Grove Cafe for breakfast and I had this Strawberry Rubarb covered pancake and it was delicious.

I drove home and my car didn't whistle at now I dunno what is going on...maybe it was just the way the window was closed or something...i'll have to take it out on a late night drive again.

But it was a fun time and I should do it more often.