ow ow ow ow...

So last night, with Josh and Adam, I went to see The Melvins with Trevor Dunn's Trio. Now I was not familiar with either band, but I had heard of The Melvins before. The show was at Hairy Mary's and the place has changed a little since I last went there. they now have these big muralesque paintings on the walls and I think a little more space in the back...but maybe that's cause there weren't as many people there.

So Trevor Dunn's Trio was interesting. Although I don't think I could really get into that. For me, just because you can play odd chords or a diffucult progression of notes, doesn't make it good. For me, it seemed like it was together, then fell apart, then together, then fell apart. The drummer was very...uh...expressive in the way he drummed.

The Melvins...what can I say. It was interesting, and made more sense to me the the TDT, but as it went it was still not something I would listen to on a daily or weekly basis. I could see myself listening to 'em though. I am glad, however, that I am not prone to seizures, cause near the end of their set they had these strobe lights going off...and It kinda reminded me of the seizure robots from the simpsons episode when the visited japan...

Sometime during the Melvins set, Jason came over and said hello...or at least tried to since it was very loud in there. It looked like he really enjoyed the show.

So it was all smokey in there (so much so that my eyes were watering) and by the end of the night my eyes were stinging so I had to rinse them out before I could even fall asleep.

But it was still a fun time, I'm glad I went.