first day of the new year

So after I finished with cleaning, I headed over to Josh's. I looked for food along the way, but the one I was headed for, Quiznos, was closed. The next one, Subway, was closed. So I just went to Josh's after picking up a Mt Dew for josh, and a gatorade for myself and headed down the still slightly slick, but salted roads. We played a little Diablo 2 and then, after Josh calling Jen, to make sure she didn't want to join us for some food, we slowly made our way back to Quicktrip, to pick up some soda for Josh's mom. We headed to Burger King, ate and came back. So after a little more dinking around (which also involved me making an icon for my website), Jen showed up and we watched Anchorman. The movie started off slow, but got funnier and funnier and funnier. After that we watched old school, which we thought was by the same director, but we were mistaken. During Anchorman, Jen fell asleep...or was at least falling in and out of sleep, and during Old School, I slept too. For the majority of it, actually. Then we put in The Terminal. I stayed awake for this one, since I had never seen it before, and it was a decent movie and had it's moments. Very sweet at places, funny in others. So when it got over it was about 6:AM and Jen and I headed out to go home. Jen and I chatted for a bit while our cars were warming up, and surprisingly, there was no ice on the cars. We drove home and parted ways at hickman and merle hay road. I headed down Merklin Way (that diagnal street that I take home) and she headed down Merle Hay.

It was a great day. Even with all the cleaning. I really enjoy spending time with my friends. I'm so glad I have them.

But now, I have the dreadful chore of getting back on a regular type sleeping schedule. This sleeping til and past noon is gonna have to happen less frequently. Even though the nights have been fun. It makes the days kinda hard, espically when I have to work.