So after talking with Jen, I headed towards downtown, I get a call from Josh, and headed back to pick him up.

After a bit, not to much, of sliding around, we make it downtown and meet Jen in front of the Mews. We were talking and we wanted to go in, it being 9:30, so we sneak into the front of the mews, and wait it out until they let us into the main part. After they actually let us IN the bar, there was a huge curtain up, blocking off the stage from being viewed. So now this makes me think that maybe there was something special on the stage, so I'm thinking that maybe this show will be an experience. So Jen had a Corona, I had a Guiness and we sat and chatted and looked over the Industrial Nation propaganda that they gave us.

After a while, they finally open the curtain...and...well I didn't see why they had it closed in the first place. We headed upstairs to watch the show. So the kids around ranged from jeans and t-shirts to the full garb of the goth kids. Which included the white face paint, leather, rubber, and a whole lot of black clothes, chains, and zippers.

The first band was Flesh Keys. Josh said that they were much better then they used to be. so being that they were thourghly mediocre, this means that they were probably not very good before. There were parts of their set that showed a lot of promise, but for the most part, it was pretty boring.

After an overly long take down and setup time (which is often a problem with bands at the Mews), TheGodProject took the stage. They were hands and feet better then Flesh Keys, and actually pretty nice to listen to. I think they had 4 synth's and a beat machine or two. It was interesting and fun. And there were a few people that went to the front of the stage to dance.

They tore down, and Terrorfakt setup. This was one guy, a synth, a dell laptop, and a beat machine. He used the TVs that were on stage and it started off, like he was going to be the absolute best band of the night. But then, we realized that it was turning into really repeptive, really lame, house techno. The images he showed on the screens, pretty much were what'd you'd expect, images of troups, images of centipedes, images of death camps, dying, starvation, corpses. It would've been disturbing, I suppose, If I couldn't swear that I had seen them in some previous video like with NIN or something like that. The frist song was decent, and when the second one came on, I turned to josh and asked if he hadn't just played that one. Cause it really did sound like the first one. After a bit, we all headed back to josh's.

So in the parking lot, we're walking to our cars. And jen presses her remote to unlock her locks and well...turned 2 cars early to get into a hyundai elantra...which I guess looked like her civic, and goes to open the door. It was pretty funny :)

The roads were a a bit slick. We ordered pizza and started watching SouthPark, Bigger, Longer, Uncut. After the pizza eating was done, Jen and I ended up falling asleep on Josh's comfy couch. I guess we weren't very good company after that. Around 5:AM when Josh decided to call it a night, Jen and I woke up, and decided to go home. Roads were slicker, but I made it home safe.

So this morning, Mediacom came early, and installed my new dual-tuner dvr (even though they don't have the software to make it work, yet). Woo!