weekends over...*sigh*

So Saturday, the plan was to go bowling at around 10 or so, so around 2 or 3, Josh hollers at me and I head over there and we start playing Diablo II...after a bit, we figure out that I'm not exactly suited to the level of playing we were at (since I had died 5 times in 45 minutes), and needed to add a few levels to Mr. Barbarian.

So at around 10, (new) Jen showed up and her friend Christina. We all went bowling, and eventually Will met us up there. It was fun. One game was ok, the second...not so good...We all headed back to Josh's and tried to watch American History X, but at around the half way point, it wouldn't play anymore. So josh put in Basketball. Now I had seen both movies and it had been a long again...sleepy time for Sammy. I ended up going home when Basketball was over. I got home just a little before 5.

Sunday rolls around, and Dave nudges me to go to Shi mian Mai fu (The House of the Flying Daggers). So Dave picks me up and we head down to the Varsity by Drake. We Meet Jen, Dusty and Ryan down there. Well...the movie was very dream like. A lot of things flowing and the lot. But at the end, it was very depressing. The balence between love and honor, is apprently a tough one to manage. We ate at Jimmy John's and then dave dropped me off at home. Josh had called (while we were at Jimmy john's), and invited every one over to watch movies/whatever before the dinner for the celebration of Ryan's birth. So dave drops me off at my house, and i get my car and head over. We watched AVP: Alien vs. Predator then headed over to Buca de Beppo.

Buca is a family style dining resturant. So there were like 12 people there, I think. Lets see if I can remember. It was Ryan and Adam's Mom, Adam, Josh, Me, Courtney, Drew, Ryan, Jerry, Renee, Jen, Dusty and MikeyG. We had everything from garlic bread, to cheese cake to tiramisu to pasta to veal parm. I split a bottle of a fairly decent chardonnay with Jen. Very yummy.

After the dinner was over, I let Ryan drive my car back to Josh's and we watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. It was me, Courtie (who left late in the movie), Ryan and Josh. Afterwards, we headed home.

It was quite the fun weekend. It's to bad it has to be spoiled by this whole work thing.