board games party

So the party was supposed to start around 7, but the first person to show up, Will, showed up around 7:45. Later Jen told me that If I wasn't serving dinner or having dinner there, then I should start it a bit later...and I think it's a good is about learning I suppose.

So Will, Dave, Josh, Adam, Jen, (new) Jen, Holly and Chris. A friend of Dave's showed up (don't remember her name), much later Ryan and even later Tinker. Holly brought over some home made strawberry jam. The Muffins got good reviews and with the jam, I think made them excellent. I had a few guinesses over the night, a few other people had some drinks too... I had a shot or two of level vodka too...God that stuff is good.

So for the first part of night we played some simple card games. From Rummy, to kings corner, to crazy 8's. Later Dave, his friend, Chris and holly setup Settlers of Catan, and Jen, (new) Jen, josh, adam, will and I played Acquire ((new) jen won, Jen second, me third). Even Later, we played Scene It. Holly and Chris won, Dave and I got to the winning circle first, but didn't get it I guess we came in second.

People started the last of us, Jen, (new) Jen, tinker, Josh and I were left, so we decided to watch Shaun of the Dead, and while they were watching I cleaned up a bit. (new) Jen, was tired, so she left. We finished watching the movie, I feel asleep a few times, but watched most of it. Jen feel asleep and around 5 or so the movie finished. So we got up...chatted, Dave and Tinker went home. Jen wanted to get some breakfast, so we, jen josh and I, headed to McDonalds (breaking my no mcdonalds run) and had breakfast. Jen dropped of Josh, dropped of me, off and headed home.

I think it was a good night over all. I had fun. I hope my friends did too.