so after sitting home...

So after sitting home for most of the evening, Josh and Jen get done with the show they went to (I had no money), and we met back at Josh's to watch Psycho. I got over there around midnight. So we're sitting down there chatting, Jen napping, waiting for Ryan and Mikey to arrive from the Crib. And so I think I hear them, and down walks...Courtney! Apprently the activity she had for the night, texas hold'em poker, got boring after she lost all her candy. So she joins in the conversation and a bit later Ryan and Mikey arrive.

So we watch the movie. And it's good, like I remember, I only fell asleep a few times. After the movie is over, ryan left, and Josh and Mikey start talking about school in Johnston and Josh breaks out his yearbooks from middle school through high school. I twas kinda funny to see the people I know now when they were younger and how diffrent the look. I heard a bunch of stories related to people I didn't know, but it was pretty funny. After a while the night broke down to telling strange jokes and reading wierd things off of strange corners of the internet.

Around 6:30 in the morning, we all decided to go home, and so Mikey, Courtie and I left. So I crawled into bed around 7:AM.