Valentine's Day

So for the first oh...I don't know, forever, I actually had a date on Valentine's Day. so this is quite the new experience for me. So dinner consisted of the Sage Pork Roast, Potatoes (baked under the pork roast), corn, and Shannon brought over Chocolate covered strawberrys (white and dark chocolate). The pork turned out really good and I think is going to make a good sandwhich or three. We also shared a bottle of Kiona 2003 White Riesling, which I thought was pretty good.

So between dinner and dessert, Shannon pointed out that someone was knocking on my door. Lo and behold, it was the representatives of the Young Single Adult Branch here in Des Moines, wanting to wish me a happy Valentines Day. Which I guess is ok. They also gave me a big cookie and an invitation to a party they are throwing on Friday, which I believe is, again, Seth's last day of work, so I'll be heading down to the royal mile to celebrate his freedom from work again.

So after they left, we had the chocolate covered strawberrys...well a few of them.

So then we cuddled up on the couch and watched Love Actually. So then it was late and she had to go home. It was nice though...The food turned out well...the music (a mixture of classical, enya and Andrew Bird) was nice, the company was great.