So around 10:45 or so, I'm sitting around working doing things...and sunddenly I jump square out of my seat when I hear this really loud alarm. so I look around and try to figure out what is going I guess it's the fire alarm (never had heard it before). So I grabbed a brownie (brought into work so my boss could sample) and head outside. so I look around and see over by the break room door, a microwave sitting on the sidewalk.

Upon futher inspection, you could see smoke stains from the inside of it. Someone opened up the microwave and took out the tray, and I saw this charred blackened potato.

So the story, as I found out, is that one of my co-workers apprently has a really crappy microwave and it takes 10 minutes to bake a on that newer microwave back there, in 10 minutes, it apprently causes fire.

It brought a bit of fun to the day.

Oh and I've been a little snappy with some of my co-workers the last while here...and I think I'm starting to feel the pressure of load of work and the abosulte annoyance of more trouble tickets this week then i have gotten...oh...I don't forever. At least tomarrow Brandon's on call and I'll not have to deal with that crap for another week. So uh...sorry guys, I know I shouldn't take the pressure out on you people.