movie night

So after a long day of Conflict of Interest Survey (mailing them out, organizing bounced messages, making lists, etc), I headed over to Rock Bottom to celebrate Seth's freedom from work, again. I headed back to the pool room and had a couple of Stouts, played some 9 ball, ate some appitizers and a little later then I wanted, I ended up leaving to go home. I took a quick shower, shaved, and called Shannon to see if she was ready for me to come over. She was, so I headed over.

I picked her up and we went to Blockbuster and after much searching and bargining ended up renting I, Robot and Garden State. We were looking for a few older musicals of the Gene Kelly vein, but had no such luck finding them. We headed back to her apartment, and got all settled and watched Garden State first. It was an odd movie...but sweet. I think it ended kind of suddenly...I would've like a bit more of an ending. The we popped in I, Robot. While we are watching it, George and Gracie started to misbehave and fight...George, this is fairly normal, Gracie, not so much. A bit of fighting, a bit of hissing, and a few claws into my leg, and they calmed back down again. So a bit into the movie, Shannon was having trouble keeping her eyes open (being that it was a long day, and she has to work uh...later today). So we made our goodbyes and I headed towards home, with a big happy grin on my face.

So this past Wednesday we had a talk and officially became a couple. And I'm quite happy about that.

So on my way home, I called the Josh, and headed over there to hang out for a bit. I ended up watching the last bit of Canniabal the Musical. The were about to put in The Big Lebowski, and I decided that since it was 11:40 that I didn't think I could make another movie, so I decided to head home.

So I ate some leftover Sage pork, potatoes, and corn and now am ready to sleep for a while.

Tomarrow...bed shopping! later today I guess...