Bed Shopping Saturday

So after doing laundry in the morning, and Chatting with (new) Jen for a bit, Shannon gave me a call and I headed over to Homemakers, the Furinture Row, then even futher east. We ended up going back to Homemakers and getting a Euro-Pillow top Sealy Queen sized bed. It came with free delivery and a free frame. So I'll be getting it on Saturday. I also got a mattress pad.

We then headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought the things for a beed. A navy set and a white set of queen sized sheets and pillow cases (320 thread count). A Navy Comforter, and a navy bed skirt (on Shannon's extra strong reccommendation). Shannon also got some plum sheets for her bed. I also picked up a garbage can for my downstairs bathroom (someone complained about not having one in there).

After a long day of walking around we headed over to Outback Steakhouse to have dinner (walking from the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot).

We headed back to Shannon's and hung out and finished watching I, Robot and then became bored out of our minds with Saturday Night Live. And then watched Enterprise. Shannon explained a lot of the stuff to me about the series and etc. After it was over, we made our good byes and I headed home.

So I got home, and apprently I left a candle burning the entire time I was gone. So I was tired...checked my email...and layed down on the couch. So quite a few hours later, I woke up, cold as hell, blew out the candle and headed up to bed.