fun things while shopping for grocerys

So two things happened at Hy-vee today.

First, I'm almost done shopping, picking up some more toothpaste and etc. So I'm smelling this lectric shave lotion to help get a closer shave. So I'm not getting a good smell so I squeeze the bottle lightly to get breath of it...and what do I do...Squirt it up my nose. Yeah...that really was annoying. It didn't burn, but it did bring out a very strong smell to my nose...

So in the checkout line, there are two young ladys, probably in their late teens or early twentys, talking to each other about valentines, so they ask me what I did for valentines, and I told them. And then they said something like "my boyfriend would never do that" or I guess that made me feel good about the effort I put into valentines day, although the smile I got from Shannon was plenty good show for the effort.