serious times to fun times

So I start putting my grocerys away, and then I hear a siren. So I walk up and the Ambulence pulls up in front of my neighbor's house. The older man that lives there was taken away in an abulence. He was sitting up when he left, so i think he's at least relatively OK. I'll probably stop by there tomarrow to see if they need anything from me. I like them as neighbors.

So I put my grocerys away, and started doing laundry (casual clothes and sheets and blankets). Eventually Shannon came over to spend the day with me. I did laundry, we watched some movies. I found out that my new comforter doesn't, well, fit in my washer. I made us Pasta w/ corn and garlic bread. We opened and shared part of a pint of Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. So she had some things to do at home before the work week started, so she left me a bit early.

So this being the first Sunday in a few weeks that I was able to chat with my parents, cause I was home and didn't have someone over. So I waited for the call...and nothing came. Oh well...I guess I'll get to talk to them another time.